Case Studies


        1.   Import of SMERCH Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System
        2.   Extra Liability due to delay in revision of Administrative sanction
        3.   Injudicious Procurement of Tippers
        4.   Extra Expenditure due to delay in conclusion of a contract
        5.   Construction of Sub Standard Bunkers
        6.   Extra expenditure on Procurement of Spares
        7.   Loss of Revenue to Cantonment Board Ahmednagar
        8.   Extra Payment to Contractor for works relating to Ammunition Depot
        9.   Procurement of unsuitable navigation computers
      10.   Undue benefit to a supplier
      11.   Avoidable extra expenditure in procurement of stores
      12.   Overpayment of water charges by Garrison Engineer, Kamptee
      13.   Unfruitful expenditure on development of Modular Charge System for field guns
      14.   inordinate delay in handing over the clear site to the contractor leading to avoidable
               payment of escalation
      15.   Selection of improper site resulted in foreclosure of work after an expenditure of 5.49 Crore
      16.   Procurement of an item at exorbitant rates
      17.   Procurement of Missiles for Technology demonstration
      18.   Execution of work services by MES
      19.   Working and Audit of Army Base workshop
      20.   Design, Development and Induction of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) by Indian Air Force
      21.   Activities on Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)
      22.   Review on the Induction and exploitation of 'A' a Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance
              Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft (sent to Headquarters)
      23.   Preparedness for Disaster Management in Himachal Pradesh (sent to Headquarters)
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